For many people, the national crisis has been a difficult time to experience or remember the loss of a baby or young child, or to become a new parent.

Supporting bereaved families

Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly hard for families whose baby or child has died. Restrictions to funerals have made it even more difficult for families to say goodbye to their child, it has not been possible for inquest proceedings to be held normally and many families have been unable to mark anniversaries with loved ones as they usually would.

Supporting new and expectant parents, and the NHS

For new and expectant parents, local health services have been heavily disrupted, leaving many thousands of families unable to receive the same level of face-to-face care and advice. This has left many families with far less guidance and information around reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (also known as cot death), especially the most vulnerable families in society.

It is no wonder that more and more families have been turning to The Lullaby Trust for the help and support they need. Our helpline services received twice as many contacts as normal last summer. And in October, we helped the largest number of people on record.

But at the very time that some families need us more than ever, the financial effects of the national crisis mean we expect to have less funding to carry out our work.

We want to ensure we can support every family who asks us for help

Whether that is emotional support, advice and information for bereaved parents and family members after the death of their child or by providing advice and support to new and expectant parents on how to sleep their baby safely to help save more babies’ lives. We are determined to do absolutely all that we can for everyone who reaches out to us at this difficult time, but we need your help.

We know it is a lot to ask right now, but if you are in a position to give a donation today you will be helping us to support more families. Donate now.