Your support allows us to reach parents with our life-saving safer sleep messages.

Your help ensures that bereaved families receive the support they need when their baby or young child dies and when they go on to have another child.

Your donation funds research which contributes to understanding why some babies and young children die suddenly and unexpectedly.

You save babies’ lives and we cannot continue our vital work without you, thank you.

2021 Highlights

These are just a few of the amazing things that people like you helped us achieve in 2021:

  • We introduced a Webchat bereavement support service, allowing bereaved families to access one-to-one support without having to schedule a phone call.
  • Little Lullaby, our award-winning project for young parents, became a core service of The Lullaby Trust, providing peer-to-peer advice and support.
  • We provided 1,484 professionals with safer sleep training and sent 171,395 leaflets on safer sleep advice to parents and professionals working with families. 95% of professionals have said they would recommend our training to their colleagues.
  • 871 and 451 babies were supported on our Care of Next Infant programme between July 2020 and June 2021.
  • We allocated a befriender for peer-to-peer support during the year to 53 families.
  • Our seventh annual Safer Sleep Week in March 2021 focused on Dads. It reached over 1.5 million people across Facebook and Instagram, generating over 43,000 visits to our website.

“My partner Terry and I contacted The Lullaby Trust in the early days following the death of our daughter Jassy.

We both desperately needed support from others who understood what we were going through. The help we received from both the charity and our wonderful Befriender has given us the strength to carry on.”

Beth, Lullaby Trust Supporter

How more lives can be saved

With your help, we can save more babies’ lives. Below are some of the ways we will achieve this.

  • Promoting our safer sleep messages by continuing to build on the number of people we engage via our social media channels  and website and to build on our training of health professionals. We hope to continue to build on our trusted reputation amongst  health professionals to ensure our advice is passed to parents when it is most relevant.
  • Supporting research by involving ourselves in projects that allow us to further our knowledge of SIDS, such as the development of the first ever national child mortality database. This will aid learning on SIDS deaths and how we can prevent them. We are also involved in the development of the National registry for unexpected deaths in childhood.
  • Supporting bereaved families by expanding our services to support more families who have lost a baby during the neonatal stage. New partnerships have allowed us to expand our CONI service and gift free Snuza breathing monitors to families.
  • Working across the infant and child health community by collaborating with the other leading pregnancy loss and infant death charities across the UK, to campaign for change to help us reduce preventable infant mortality and improve services for bereaved families.
  • Engaging with young parents by continuing the legacy of Little Lullaby, which allowed us to open a dialogue and work closely with young mums and dads. Our Young Parent Panel will continue to guide us and ensure young parents are represented and that we are reaching them with information and advice that is relevant. We continue to provide guidance to health professionals on working effectively with young parents.

For more information about our impact and future work, please read the report below.