Illustration of e-cigarette

There is currently no research relating to e cigarettes and SIDS, but using an e cigarette appears to be much safer than continuing to smoke; both in pregnancy and once your baby is born. As there is no direct research on using e cigarettes and SIDS, we suggest you do not share a bed with your baby if you use e cigarettes. The safest option is to give up smoking entirely, but if you choose to use e cigarettes instead then this is likely to be much safer.

The most important thing is to stay smokefree and protect your baby from the harm of secondhand smoke. If using an e cigarette allows you to remain smokefree then this is likely to be much safer than smoking.

The Lullaby Trust has teamed up with other charities and organisations to produce resources around smoking in pregnancy, and there are some links below to documents for parents and professionals into e cigarettes.

Further resources for pregnant women are being produced and a link will be added here soon.