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Safer Sleep for babies: a Guide for Parents and Carers 
This leaflet provides parents with all the advice on safer sleep and reducing the risk of sudden infant death.

Safer Sleep Poster
Our newly designed safer sleep poster details the ABCs of Safer Sleep.
Download A3 size
Download A4 size

Safer Sleep: Saving Babies Lives a Guide for Professionals
Leaflet written for all professionals working with families with young babies, giving the most up to date advice on safe infant care advice to reduce the risk of sudden infant death.

Baby Check booklet
A booklet version of our app which helps parents decide if their baby needs to see a doctor

Safer Sleep Advice for Premature Babies booklet
A booklet written in collaboration with Bliss and Twins Trust featuring safer sleep advice for parents of babies born prematurely or of a low birth weight. Includes additional information for parents of twins, multiples or more.

Sofa sharing poster
A3 poster which provides information on sofa sharing

Safer sleep product guide
A guide for parents on the products they need and those to avoid and what the marketing means

Safer Sleep for Babies quick reference card
A quick reference guide to the ABCs of safer sleep and tips for safer bedsharing

Safer Sleep Awareness A Guide For Childminders Foster Carers Nannies and Nursery Settings
Whether you are caring for a baby or child in a foster care, childminding, nannying or in a nursery setting, it is important that you are aware of the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Safer Sleep Advice for Emergency Situations: a Guide for Parents and Carers
We are aware that fleeing from conflict or crisis means that sleeping conditions will be unpredictable. It may not always be possible to access a recommended sleeping space for a baby, so we’ve adapted our safer sleep advice based on different sleeping situations.

Little Lullaby
About Little Lullaby Booklet
Tops Ten Tips for Health Professionals
A4 Poster for Health Professionals

A Young Parent Guide to Loneliness
Produced in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation

Easy read card
A 2-side card giving key advice for reducing the risk of sudden infant death.

This leaflet is also available to download in the following languages:

If you require the artwork of any of these translations (to supply to a printer), please email communications@lullabytrust.org.uk

Baby Check Health Visitor Card
A two-sided card card explaining the use of the Baby Check App

Baby Box info leaflet
A guide for using baby boxes

Baby Check poster
An A4 printable poster advertising the free Baby Check smartphone app. Available in portrait and landscape.
Download portrait version
Download landscape version

Make a room game
A visual toolkit demonstrating the ideal sleeping environment for a baby

Spot the risk game
A visual toolkit to facilitate discussions on reducing the risks of SIDS

Fact sheets

Unicef Baby Friendly Publications
The Lullaby Trust has worked with Unicef in the wording on two publications to support families and professionals with the challenge of addressing co-sleeping given the association with SIDS. You might be interested in reading the two Unicef Baby Friendly publications, which are both endorsed by The Lullaby Trust