Parents who have experienced a sudden and unexpected death of a baby often feel anxious when they have another baby. Working with local public healthcare providers we facilitate a service for bereaved parents.

CONI is available through health visitors, midwives, paediatricians and GPs, but unfortunately CONI is not available everywhere.

About CONI

Through CONI, parents may:

  • receive regular home visits from their health visitor, so they can talk freely about any worries and seek advice
  • borrow movement monitors which pick up movements as the baby breathes, and will ring an alarm if movements stop for longer than 20 seconds
  • receive training on basic life support so parents will know what to do if their baby stops breathing
  • keep a symptom diary to record their baby’s health, which they can then discuss with their health visitor
  • use the Baby Check booklet or App to help to decide when to get medical help for their baby
  • monitor their baby’s growth with a detailed weight chart to detect changes that may mean baby should be checked by a doctor
  • receive a room thermometer and guidance on bedding and clothing
  • receive a ‘passport’ so that if the parents’ are worried that their baby is unwell, they can be seen quickly by the right person

“Following the death of Joe, when I fell pregnant with Alfie I was obviously delighted, but extremely anxious. The CONI programme was a tremendous support. I couldn’t have coped without it.” – Tracey, South London

Free CONI Presentations

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What is the CONI Programme?

Find out more about how the CONI programme can support bereaved families when they have another baby:

Symptom Diary

Find out more about the Symptom Diary and how to use it on the CONI programme:

Movement Monitors

Find out more about Movement Monitors and how to use them on the CONI programme:

Using the Sheffield Weight Chart

Find out more information about weighing your baby and how to use the Sheffield Weight Chart as part of the CONI programme.

Role of the health professionals

Find out more about the role of the team of health professionals that you may have contact with as part of the CONI Programme.

Safer sleep for babies – Sleep position, sleep environment and bedding

Find out more about the safest way to put your baby down to sleep for both daytime naps and at night.

Safer sleep for babies – Overheating, temperature and overwrapping

Find out more about the safest room temperature for your baby and the risk associated with overheating and overwrapping your baby.

Safer sleep for babies – Baby ill-health, Baby Check app and vaccination

Find out more information about checking for signs that your baby maybe unwell, how to use the Baby Check app and the importance of vaccinating your baby.

Safer sleep for babies – Breastfeeding

Find out more about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Safer sleep for babies – Smoking and e-cigarettes

Find out more about the benefits of not smoking before and after your baby is born.

Availability of CONI in your area

CONI is currently available in many areas of England, Wales, Northern Ireland. Each area has a local co-ordinator who will discuss with parents the support available and arrange a plan of care with parents and professionals.

The programme is usually offered for 6 months after the baby is born but may be longer depending on the individual circumstances.

For further details about CONI and the availability of CONI in your area, please contact The Lullaby Trust on 0808 802 6868 or email 

CONI Feedback

It is really helpful to us to get the views of parents who have used our Care of Next Infant (CONI) programme. If you’d like to give us your opinion of the programme, please fill in the form here.