The Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep videos are free to share or embed on your website to help us spread vital safer sleep awareness and reduce the risk of SIDS.

Safer Sleep for Babies

All of our essential safer sleep information in one video.

Safer Sleep for Babies (text free)

A safer sleep video to be used when communicating with families with low literacy levels or who do not speak English.

Caring for your baby during coronavirus

Advice on how to follow safer sleep advice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Co-sleep more safely

Advice to share with families who wish to share a bed with their baby featuring do’s and don’ts to ensure their baby sleeps more safely.

Baby Check App

An information video about our Baby Check smartphone app which helps families decide whether their baby needs to see a doctor.

Baby summer safety

Tips on how to continue following safer sleep advice during the hotter summer months.

When your baby starts to roll

How to continue following safer sleep advice when your baby starts to roll around in their cot or Moses basket.

What bedding does my baby need?

Advice on which items are necessary for a safer baby sleep, and which products to avoid.