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Your love means the world

Thank you for choosing to donate in memory of someone you love.

However you decide to remember them with The Lullaby Trust, you can be sure that together, you and your loved one will be helping to save lives and support bereaved families, now and for years to come.

Take a look below at the ways that you can make a lasting impact in their name.

Give a monthly or one-off gift

Many people choose to give to The Lullaby Trust as a way of honouring the life of someone special.

Your gift helps to provide vital advice to families and the professionals working with them about how to reduce the risk of SIDS. It funds research that will drive our understanding of why babies dies suddenly and how we can prevent it. And, it ensures that bereaved families receive the specialist support they need, when they’re ready and for however long they need it.

When you donate in memory of a loved one, you will be celebrating their memory and moving closer to a world where no baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Donate now

Add a star to our Sky Full of Love

Our Sky Full of Love is a shared space that we’ve created to commemorate those who are much loved and remembered always.

You can add a star with a message and a photo and, if you would like, make a donation to our work in your loved one’s name.

Add a star

Create a lasting online memorial

A Lullaby Memorial is an online tribute page to remember someone special. You, your family and friends can post messages about and for your loved one, share photos of them and light virtual candles.

It can also be used to collect and make donations, in your loved one’s name, to make a lasting impact to babies and their families across the UK.

Create a memorial

Hold a funeral collection

It's so kind to think of supporting The Lullaby Trust when a loved one has died.

If you wish to ask family and friends to make a donation at the funeral or memorial service, perhaps in lieu of flowers, we can provide materials for a collection or you can set up an online page to collect donations.

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Leave a gift in your Will

Once you’ve taken care of your loved ones, leaving a gift in your Will to The Lullaby Trust will make a lasting impact and help save the lives of babies and young children for years to come.

Many of our supporters that kindly leave a gift in their Will choose to do so in honour of a loved one, to help make a difference in their name.

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Get in touch

If you need any more information or help about how best to give to The Lullaby Trust in your loved one's name, contact us on 020 7280 3200 or fundraising@lullabytrust.org.uk.

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