We have a supply of free SNUZA Hero MD monitors for use by families who are enrolled on the CONI programme. These monitors are a gift to the family from the distributor of SNUZA Hero MD not The Lullaby Trust or your employers.

*SNUZAs are now back in stock*

Please read the information below before you start the nominating process

 Which families can benefit from a SNUZA Hero MD?

  • The family/baby MUST BE eligible for CONI programme support (in line with local CONI guidelines)
  • Previously been on CONI and have lost/not returned a monitor
  • Coordinator assesses that SNUZA will be easier/more appropriate for family to use than other monitors that are available e.g. toddlers around, concerns about safety, sensors being pulled or getting tangled.
  • Monitor is needed urgently due to late referral, baby is already born, no other monitors available
  • Family expressed preference for a SNUZA Hero MD, after coordinator has explained local monitor options (if appropriate)
  • Baby is over 6 months old and a mattress monitor is not available.

CONI Co-ordinator’s responsibility

  • Discuss this arrangement with your manager who should seek local legal/governance advice before you start to talk with families
  • Coordinator assesses family suitability for SNUZA Hero MD
  • Explain to family the terms of them receiving a monitor. This can be found in ‘What the family needs to know’ section below
  • CONI coordinators to follow ‘How to nominate the family’ process below
  • It is the coordinator’s responsibility to check the monitor has arrived with the family and to notify the CONI Team (coni@lullabytrust.org.uk) if it hasn’t arrived
  • Need to discuss limitations of monitors – updated information can be found in ‘Monitor Information for Coordinators’ on The Lullaby Trust website
  • Need to discuss what to do if the alarm goes off, this includes a plan and Basic Life Support instruction/helping your baby until help arrives
  • Need parent/s verbal consent to send name, address and telephone number to The Lullaby Trust – this will not be used for any other reason.

 What the family needs to know

  • Explain to the family that it is a gift from the distributors (not the Health Visiting service or The Lullaby Trust)
  • Each monitor is given on the understanding that it is for single use for their baby only; named baby basis
  • Family are responsible for the monitor and can keep it i.e. do not return it to The Lullaby Trust or Co-ordinator/HV
  • Monitor will be sent directly to their home (we need their home address, but it will not be used for anything else)
  • Delivery takes approximately 5 working days from request. Unfortunately, it does not fit through a standard letter box so instructions about a safe place to leave it, if not at home, is required
  • If the monitor is lost/broken they may be lent another sort of monitor locally but the offer of a SNUZA Hero MD is not usually repeated
  • Any complaints or problems with the monitor should be reported to www.snuza.com and then their Co-ordinator
  • An additional Lullaby Trust/CONI appropriate information leaflet is contained within the monitor box
  • Ask parent/s if they will be willing to give feedback to The Lullaby Trust (either telephone interview or online) when they are nominated for a monitor.

 The Lullaby Trust CONI team’s responsibility

  • Receive and review the Enrolment Form ** there is a rigorous checking system
  • Order and dispatch monitor to family
  • Inform Co-ordinator by email that monitor has been sent to family
  • Respond and follow up emails regarding non-delivery and keep Co-ordinator updated
  • Keep nominations and feedback documents securely and in line with GDPR
  • Advise and support CONI  Co-ordinators in a time sensitive way.

 How to nominate the family

  • Complete a CONI Enrolment Form and tick the SNUZA required box
  • You will be sent a link to complete the Nomination Form
  • CONI Co-ordinator to check the monitor has arrived with the family and to notify the CONI Team (coni@lullabytrust.org.uk) if it hasn’t arrived.

If you require further information, please contact us at coni@lullabytrust.co.uk.