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Newborn Infection Prevention Campaign

About the campaign

Why it’s important

Young babies have immature immune systems. Even infections that are considered ‘mild’ in older children and adults can be life-threatening for babies.

What we’re doing

Alongside our Campaign Ambassador, the UK’s No 1 children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel MBE, we’re encouraging all visitors to follow the THANKS guidance:

Think Hands And No KisseS

Press enquiries

Phone: 020 7802 3202 (out of hours  0786 0178 605)

Email:  communications@lullabytrust.org.uk


Read the press release

Annabel Karmel on infection prevention

Annabel Karmel lost her daughter, Natasha, at three months old. Natasha died after contracting the cold sore virus (HSV1). This infection is often mild in adults but can be fatal for young babies.

Annabel has teamed up with The Lullaby Trust to help us raise awareness on this vital issue. Watch this video to hear more of Annabel and Natasha’s story and what can be done to prevent infection in those first few months of life.

Content note: this video is about baby loss.

The guidance

Our survey of 2,300 new and expectant parents showed that more than half were unaware that kissing a young baby can put them at risk of serious infection.

We're encouraging all visitors to follow this advice:

Wash hands

Always wash your hands before touching or holding a baby

No kisses

Friends and family from outside the home should not kiss a young baby

Don't visit if ill

It's important not to visit a new baby if you are ill or have been ill recently

We have created a new page for parents, covering this vital information in more detail.

Visit the infection prevention page

New animation

A simple explanation for families to share, showing how everyone can help keep babies safe from infections.

Infection Prevention Posters

Our publications have been created in consultation with the British Paediatric Allergy, Immunity and Infection Group (BPAIIG), an affiliated speciality group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). All our posters are free to download.

Other resources

buggy tag infection prevention thanks

Buy a buggy tag

Our new THANKS buggy tags are available to purchase in the shop. They attach to your buggy, reminding people to think twice about touching your baby while you’re out and about, particularly if they haven’t washed their hands.

Buy now

Download a red book insert

We have summarised the campaign in a handy sheet to be inserted in every newborn's red book.

Download now

Beth and Joshua's story

Annabel Karmel interviews Beth, a fellow parent who lost her baby, Joshua, to an infection.

In the video, Beth explains how, even after losing Joshua, she felt anxious about asking visitors to respect her boundaries when her second child, Rory, came along because it’s such a difficult thing to do. However, we know that if all visitors committed to washing their hands and not giving kisses in those early months, more babies’ lives would be saved. 

Content note: this video is about baby loss.

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