Researchers working in a lab

We call for new research  proposals every year, usually in January and Our Scientific Committee consider research applications in May. All proposals are subject to a rigorous peer review process to ensure they meet our high standard of quality. The Committee, drawn from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives, consider the scientific merit and relevance of the application to our work, as well as the views of our Lay Panel, a group of bereaved parents.

The Scientific Committee then make an informed recommendation to our Board of Trustees in June who hold the final decision on how we allocate research funds. We do not currently have any open rounds for research applications, and do not have a date for when the next round might be.

Conflicts of interest

Both the Scientific Committee and external reviewers are asked to declare any conflicts of interest. Those with conflicts are not permitted to discuss or provide comment on those applications. More about our conflict of interest policy can be found in our Scientific Committee terms of reference.

Scientific advisors

In addition to our Scientific Committee, we also regularly seek advice from our team of scientific advisors. Advice is provided on emerging research findings on SIDS, safety of new baby products and other relevant infant health matters. Find out more about our Scientific Committee and advisors.