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Commissioned research: Baby Check App

The Lullaby Trust is inviting applications from research institutions to improve the Baby Check app, which helps carers who are worried their baby is unwell. This funding is for commissioned research, meaning we have a set amount available with specific work to be carried out. The funding is available to a) revise and update the Baby Check App, b) validate its use by parents in the community and c) promote updated version of the App with parents during antenatal, childbirth and postnatal care. The work should take place between early 2022 and Sep/Oct 2023. A grant of up to £82,911 is available.

Please read the brief and terms and conditions, and the application form and supplementary form (both are required) is also below.

Baby Check Commissioning Brief

The Lullaby Trust Commission Terms and Conditions

The Lullaby Trust Research Grant Application Form 2021-LT-L21

The Lullaby Trust Research Grant Supplementary Form

Deadline for applications: 5pm on 22nd January 2022

Conflicts of interest

Both the Scientific Committee and external reviewers are asked to declare any conflicts of interest. Those with conflicts are not permitted to discuss or provide comment on those applications. More about our conflict of interest policy can be found in our Scientific Committee terms of reference.

Scientific advisors

In addition to our Scientific Committee, we also regularly seek advice from our team of scientific advisors. Advice is provided on emerging research findings on SIDS, safety of new baby products and other relevant infant health matters. Find out more about our Scientific Committee and advisors.