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We assess applications for funding following the guidelines given by the Association of Medical Research Charities, including rigorous peer review. Please contact Policy and Research Manager, Natalie McKie for more details

Conflicts of interest

Our Grants Committee and Lay Panel are asked to declare any conflicts of interest. Those with conflicts are not permitted to discuss or provide comment on those applications. More about our conflict of interest policy can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Scientific Advisory Group

In addition to our Grants Committee, we also regularly seek advice from our team of scientific advisors. Advice is provided on emerging research findings on SIDS, safety of new baby products and other relevant infant health matters. Find out more about Scientific Advisory Group and Grants Committee members.


Call for expressions of interest 2023

The Lullaby Trust is looking for expressions of interest in grants for projects that address the key areas of priority identified from our research strategy:

  • Develop new ways to make safe sleep campaigns more effective (1).
  • Understand to what extent social and cultural factors affect parental choice in sleep practices and responses to risk reduction campaigns (5).
  • Better understand the risk of sharing any sleep surface with an infant, notably how it interacts with other factors to make it more or less risky (9).
  • Refine how we get messages through to health professionals so that they act appropriately to reduce risk of SUDI (10).
  • Understanding differences in sudden infant mortality rates among different ethnicities (11).

The Lullaby Trust’s research strategy is available here and it is advised that this is reviewed by applicants before completing the expression of interest form.

For this call, expressions of interest will be accepted for grants up to a maximum of £25,000 – although smaller value expressions, allowing for more projects to be funded, will be viewed favourably.

Please complete the expression of interest form electronically and send to as a PDF no later than Wednesday 6th December 2023. The lead applicant should also submit a CV, no longer than two sides of A4.

The Lullaby Trust Grants Committee will review expressions of interest and a full application will be invited from those that the Committee rate highly.

Expression of interest form

For further information about the expression of interest call, please email Natalie McKie, Policy and Research Manager at