Below are details about the items that you can collect and recycle to raise funds for The Lullaby Trust. For some items we work with third parties – please do not send items to The Lullaby Trust’s office unless specifically requested below.


Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds from supporters collecting used stamps which we can then recycle for funds.

Stamps are the only item that we ask to be sent directly to us. You can send used stamps in an envelope or small parcel to:

The Lullaby Trust, 10-18 Union Street, London, SE1 1SZ

If you are kindly sending stamps, we appreciate if you’re able to pay the postage for them.

Ink Cartridges

We work with a free ink recycling programme called Recycle 4 Charity. They offer two ways to recycle used cartridges:

  1. Requesting a collection box to be placed in your workplace or other location. Once full they can be posted free of charge.
  2. Recycle from home using their free postage labels to send your ink cartridges. Recyclers must send ink cartridges worth at least a £2 donation inside each package (check the donation calculator on their website).

Follow this link to register with Recycle 4 Charity and order your free postage labels or collection box.

Other recyclable items

We suggest using Recycling for Good Causes for other items such as jewellery, mobile phones and other old gadgets. They offer two options:

  1. Self pack – for a few small items of jewellery and currency you can print a label and post them.
  2. Recycling project – for bulkier items or to collect over a longer period of time they will send a sack which will be collected for free when full.

Find out more about what can be collected and how to send your items here.