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How you make a difference

Your support saves babies' lives

As a charity, your generous support matters more than ever in creating a future where no baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly.

Since we formed, our work has been instrumental in driving down the rate of SIDS and saving over 29,000 lives. Support from people like you has made this possible by funding the research that informs our expert advice, the resources to reach families with this advice and the services that help those affected by the death of a baby.

While this is excellent progress, every day families lives are still being devastated by the death of a baby. We are also deeply concerned that the increasing number of families living in deprivation will lead to increases in the number of deaths.

Every death is one too many and we’re determined to drive that number down to zero. With your support, we know this is possible.

Read about the difference you made in 2022

29,000 babies lives saved

A baby is shown sleeping on it's back with it's bedding tucked in

SIDS rates reduced by over 82% since 1991

More than 500 bereaved families supported per year

What you helped to achieve in 2022

Here are just a few of the ways you made a difference:

-We trained 1,272 professionals in safer sleep advice that they can pass on directly to new and expectant parents.

-We created more resources to ensure our information is accessible for all, including animations in multiple languages and a resource for families in emergency situations.

-We provided 885 bereaved family members with bereavement support

-We worked as part of the Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network to launch a new manifesto to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities for new and expectant parents and their babies.

Take a look at our latest impact report to read more about the difference you’re making.

Read Our Impact Report

Annie and Hazel's younger sister Ivy

Annie's story

When I lost Hazel, I wasn’t given any information about where I could find support or a charity that could help following the loss of a child to SIDS. I was a young mum and no one around me had been through a bereavement like this. Many of the GPs I had seen didn’t know about The Lullaby Trust and the support they could offer.

When my second child Ivy was born I was very lucky to eventually find a professional at the GP surgery who referred me to the CONI programme. It was brilliant because The Lullaby Trust reached out to me instead of me having to make the first move and they were a huge help in easing my anxieties with having Ivy following the loss of Hazel. 

I never want anyone to be in that position of not knowing where to turn, which is why I’ve become dedicated to raising awareness of The Lullaby Trust, the support they provide and their CONI programme.

What your donation can do


could pay for our bereavement helpline to provide advice and support to a first-time caller


could pay to train two health professionals in safer sleep advice about how to reduce the risk of SIDS


could pay for a mattress monitor to support a bereaved family on our Care of Next Infant programme

How we're going to save more lives

We’re committed to achieving our vision of a future where no babies die suddenly and unexpectedly. With your help, we know it can be done.

Our strategy for 2022-26 outlines what we want to achieve and how we’re going to get there. We will continue our core work to reduce unexplained infant deaths and support bereaved families. We will also develop two new areas of focus: providing information and support around sleep-related accidents and addressing the wider risk factors associated with baby and child deaths.

Read our strategy

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