We have played a key role in reducing sudden infant deaths in the UK by 80% since the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign in 1991. But we want to stop all unexpected deaths of babies and young children.

Free will-writing service

We have partnered with Beyond to offer a quick and easy online will-writing service for anyone living in England and Wales. Their professional will-writing service normally costs £90 but is available to our supporters for free. You just need to enter the code LTRUST100 on the payment screen at the end of the process.

There is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to The Lullaby Trust if you use Beyond’s free will-writing service. If after you’ve taken care of your loved ones, you decide you’d like to also leave a gift in your Will to support our work, we would be so grateful. Even a small percentage of your estate, like Gill explains she has kindly done below, could help make a real difference to the lives of families who need help.

“When our first baby, Stuart, died on New Year’s Day in 1975 aged just 8 weeks, we were devastated. By chance, our G.P. gave us a rather crumpled leaflet, which he had found entitled “When a baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly” that introduced us to the Lullaby Trust. Contacting them was a lifeline and gave me great support. We subsequently were lucky enough to have two more children and, whilst I have left much of my estate to them in my will, I have not forgotten Stuart. It seems logical to leave a legacy to the Lullaby Trust in his memory.” Gill, Lullaby Trust Supporter

Try creating your free Will now

If you’re considering updating your Will, we recommend speaking to a local solicitor or professional will-writer. We also have a useful guide on making or updating your Will. If you have any other questions or would like to speak with someone about supporting The Lullaby Trust in your Will, please call 020 7802 3200.

Why it is important to make a Will 

Whether or not you consider you have many possessions or savings, there are a number of reasons why you should consider making a Will:

  • Make your wishes known – Without a Will, what happens to your estate will be decided by the law. Writing a Will ensures the people that matter to you most will be looked after in the way you want them to.
  • Naming a guardian for your child – If you have children, appointing a guardian ensures that a person you choose will care for them if either one or both parents die. If you don’t name a guardian for them, the court will appoint one.
  • Looking after your loved ones – Unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there is a Will in place.

Also, donations left to charity in your Will are exempt from inheritance tax and if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity, your inheritance tax rate will be reduced from 40% to 36%.