Virtual event options

Below are a few ideas for virtual Bake it for Babies events but if you’d like to chat through how you could make a Bake it for Babies event work for you, get in touch using the details at the bottom of the page.

  • Virtual cake and coffee morning – Set up a virtual meeting using a video calling platform such as Zoom or Google Hangouts and invite your friends and family to each bring a bake and a cuppa.
  • Bake off – Arrange a competition to see who is the star baker among your friends. Ask each entrant to donate to enter and either submit photos of their creation or have a live judging session via video call.
  • Bake along – Choose a delicious recipe and invite your guests to bake along with you via video call. Send them the recipe in advance or give instructions as you go. You could add a little friendly competition in to see whose bake turns out the best at the end!

Tips for virtual Bake it for Babies events

  • Set up a JustGiving page or Facebook fundraiser to collect donations and share the link to your page with your guests in advance.
  • Hold games during your event such as guess the weight of the cake or guess the number of cookies in the jar, with a small donation to your page to take part. You could even create a baking themed quiz!
  • Copy and paste our Bake it for Babies ‘menu’ below on your fundraising page to let people know how their support could help.
  • Create some challenges with donation forfeits! For example, you could decide on some words that people aren’t allowed to say, such as ‘baking’, ‘cake’, ‘tea’ etc. Or you could choose someone to be Chief Baker and every time they complete an action, like patting their head or rubbing their tummy, everyone has to do it too… the last person to complete it has to do the forfeit!

Bake it for Babies virtual ‘menu’

Donating the price of one of the delicious treats below can help to provide a family or health professional with the advice and support that they need, whenever they need it.

Slice of Victoria sponge – £3.50
Could pay for a family to receive a copy of our ‘Safer Sleep for Babies Guide for Parents’, containing advice on how you can sleep your baby more safely to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Box of cookies – £9.00
Could pay for a support package to be sent to a bereaved family, giving advice, sharing experiences from other bereaved parents and signposting to where they can get further support.

Box of doughnuts – £11.50
Could pay for 100 copies of our ‘Product Guide for Parents’ to be printed, which explains the factors you should consider when you buy a product for your baby, what essential items they need and what products you should try to avoid.

Whole chocolate gateau – £22
Could pay for our bereavement helpline to provide advice and support to a first-time caller. Our support service is available whether people are newly bereaved or the bereavement was many years ago.