Event ideas

Below are a few ideas for Bake it for Babies that you could hold in person but if you’d like to chat through how you could make a Bake it for Babies event work for you, get in touch by emailing fundraising@lullabytrust.org.uk or calling 020 7802 3200.

  • Bake sale – If you’re able to hold a traditional bake sale, perhaps at work or in school, this is always a popular event!
  • Cake and coffee morning – You could hold a smaller, more private event with friends and family in your home, garden or in your street with your neighbours.
  • Doorstep deliveries – If you don’t have access to a suitable venue, you could arrange deliveries of your delicious treats straight to people’s doors! Arrange orders beforehand, take payment via a JustGiving page or Facebook fundraiser and then deliver at a pre-agreed time.

Tips for in-person events

  • Choose a free venue that has plenty of space and easy access  – a garden, a community hall or a large foyer of your workplace could all be good options. Make sure you ask permission if it’s a public area. Somewhere that people walk past to be tempted by the delicious treats is best!
  • Set a date and time when people are around and hungry. Mid-afternoon is always good for workplace snackers… you could even provide a trolley service!
  • Spread the word about your event using social media and our posters so that everyone can put it in their diaries. If your event is at work, you could send a calendar invite or pop an email to everyone to let them know. For events at school, a letter or email to parents is perfect.
  • Providing your baked goods in individual portions is useful so that people can help themselves without needing to slice anything. It’s also really helpful to provide paper plates or napkins so that people can take their cake away with them to enjoy. You could also offer tea and coffee with your cakes to raise a little extra money.
  • Avoid handling cash by setting up a JustGiving page or Facebook fundraiser so that people can donate online. Print out a sheet with the link or QR code to your page on so that you can display it clearly. If you do put out a donation pot, encourage your guests to put their donations in directly.
  • Games such as ‘Guess the weight of the cake’ or ‘Guess the number of sprinkles in the jar’ are a great way to raise some extra dough on the day or you could hold a competition for the best or wackiest cake!
  • It’s important for you and your guests to maintain good sanitation practices. This includes regularly washing hands or using hand sanitizer where soap and water isn’t available. This is particularly important when exchanging or sharing items such as serving utensils, money or cakes!