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Kirsty’s story

Bereaved mum Kirsty tells the story of her son, Lewin, who sadly died at just three and a half months old.

Jessica’s Story

Every year, Jessica organises a Miles in Memory walk in memory of her daughter, Millie Grace.

Catriona’s Story

Catriona hosted a Miles in Memory walk in memory of her son, Ezio who died of SIDS aged 33 days.

Leanne’s Story

Every year, Leanne organises a Miles in Memory Westie Walk in memory of her sons.

Reaching Young Parents: Sharing the Learning

An excellent opportunity for any professional with an interest in supporting young parents. Reflect on and improve your practice to reach young parents effectively and creatively.

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Bereavement support:
0808 802 6868
Information & advice:
0808 802 6869