When I became pregnant with my second child in 2012 I just knew she was a little girl. She was born at 33 weeks by c-section. We called her Millie Grace. She was tiny, just 3lb 4oz and the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen. She spent 2 weeks in Neonatal. Our son Jayden, who was 3 at the time, loved stroking her hand and holding her. Over the next few weeks she grew bigger and was getting stronger each day. But when she was 5 weeks and 6 days old we had a restless day and we all went to bed early.

I fell asleep with her in our bed and before my eyes opened I already knew, I felt like a part of my body had gone. The next few hours where a blur and those hours turned into weeks; I did not sleep, eat or even talk. I could not accept that she had gone before her due date. One morning my little boy walked over to me and said “Mummy can you take me to school”, I did not just lose my daughter but my family had lost me. From that day I said to myself that I would never stop saying Millie’s name and I would celebrate her short life. She gave me the strength to carry on. She changed our lives.

Each year we hold a Mile in Memory event to remember our beautiful little girl. It’s an emotional day with tears, smiles and laughter, a day full of love. Our first walk, family and close friends, 20 people attended. This year, our most recent walk we had around 70 people. Over the last few years we have raised £6,135 for The Lullaby Trust.

I will continue to support The Lullaby Trust for awareness, but also so no other parent has to feel alone.

Millie Grace where I go you go.

Find out more information about organising a Miles in Memory walk here.