“Ellen was the healthiest and happiest little girl, full of life and energy. She had all the vaccinations required and until the day of her passing, she had only been to the doctors once with colic. On the day she passed away, she was tearful, very tired, disinterested in food or toys and vomited several times. What struck us the most was that her eyes looked different. At one point we said she looked like a different child.”

“After checking all of her vital signs, which were normal, the doctor diagnosed that Ellen had a tummy bug which should get better within two to three days but to monitor her alertness and if we were to be further concerned, to take her to Children’s A&E.”

“Less than two hours later, having administered the prescribed rehydration remedy, Ellen seemed to have improved. However, shortly after this, we called for an ambulance as she had become listless, extremely drowsy and unable to support her head. Ellen collapsed in her Daddy’s arms and despite his, the paramedics and the hospital resuscitation teams’ attempts using CPR, Ellen could not be saved.”

“The following day, whilst in total disbelieving shock, we were contacted by The Lullaby Trust, offering their condolences and support through counselling and a bereavement befriender service they offer. We were quickly matched with a befriender who has gone through a similar experience to us and it was very comforting talking to somebody who knew what we were going through.”

“We are extremely grateful to The Lullaby Trust for helping us through this most difficult of times, which is why we have and will continue to support their essential work in the future.”

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