If you have any questions about keeping your event safe and legal, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 020 7802 3200 or fundraising@lullabytrust.org.uk – we’re here to help!

Charity Numbers and Branding

Registered charity numbers must be shown on all printed material that you use, including letters and posters. The Lullaby Trust’s registered charity number is 262191.

Please contact us for guidelines and permission to use our logo.

Raffles and Lotteries

If you intend to hold a raffle or prize draw at your event please get in touch with us first as these are regulated by the law and certain rules may apply. You can also read some guidelines here.

Public safety at the venue

Have a think about how to make your event as safe as possible. Are there places where people might slip or fall? If so, discuss with the venue managers on how to remove these risks or clearly mark these areas with a warning. Are fire exits clearly marked? Are there adequate and suitable facilities for disabled people? It can be useful to carry out a risk assessment to identify any precautions that need to be taken.

Risk Assessments

Depending on your event and the requirements of the venue and it’s insurers, you may need to provide a risk assessment which outlines all the risks associated with your event, and how you will minimise these. For help in creating a risk assessment, please do get in touch with the fundraising team.

Public Liability Insurance

If your event is being held on public land, you may need to produce Public Liability Insurance. You should be able to organise this cheaply and simply for your event. If you need any assistance with getting this, please do get in touch with the fundraising team.

Money Talk

Do you have somewhere to store money securely during the event? Have you made plans to transport it from the event to safekeeping? Take care of your personal security when carrying money. If possible, do not travel with it alone. Remember, only collect sponsorship or donations from people you know and trust.

First aid cover

Do you have suitable emergency and first aid procedures for your type of event? For example, will you need a qualified first aider or will a first aid box be sufficient?

Car parking

Have you ensured that there is a safe route for pedestrians in car parks? Is someone marshalling the cars? If so, make sure they are can be seen clearly in high visibility jackets.

Food hygiene

If you are providing food at your event, make sure it is storied, prepared and cooked correctly, and remember to label all food that contains nuts or other allergens. Remember to keep children and animals out of food preparation areas and provide appropriate protective clothing (e.g. plastic gloves, aprons, etc).

Read more about food safety here.

Waste not, want not

Finally, do not forget to dispose of any rubbish or waste material safely! Set a good example by keeping a separate bag for recycling materials and encourage everybody to join in. Do consider the use of plastics and where swaps can be made, for example if you’re thinking of holding a balloon release at your event, blowing bubbles or floating flowers down a stream can be an excellent, more environmentally friendly alternative.