You can promote your event through the local press by sending a press release with your event details or inviting them along to take photographs. If your event is coming up soon you will need to enquire about deadlines – deadlines will be important if the newspaper only comes out once a week/fortnight because you won’t have as many issues to potentially run your story before the event takes place.

Writing a Press Release

A press release contains details of a news story sent to the media, in the hope that it will encourage them to cover the story.

A press release should be short, typed, and emailed within the body of an email and sent as an attachment. Use the draft press release in our media pack at the bottom of this page to help you plan your own press release. You can always contact The Lullaby Trust Communications Team if you would like someone to look over your press release before you send it or for help writing it.

Preparing for an interview

If a journalist phones you out of the blue and asks you for comment, it is often a good idea to ask whether you can phone them back. This gives you time to think what you want to say and prepare any facts or figures you want to include.

Remember that you do not have to say yes. You may want to call The Lullaby Trust’s communications team (020 7802 3200) to discuss what to say.

If you feel ill-prepared or unhappy with the subject you can always suggest that they contact the Lullaby Trust central office.

During your interview

The most important thing to remember is to be prepared – know what you are fundraising for and how you are going to do it.

Have three key points ready that you want to get across – why you’re raising money for Lullaby Trust, what you’re doing and how much you’re hoping to raise – feel free to ask the reporter what questions they are likely to ask before the interview.

Remember the following five key points and you will be well on your way to a successful interview:

  • Get your point across as soon as possible
  • Speak slowly if you are on the radio/television (don’t garble because you are nervous!)
  • Have the Lullaby Trust helpline number in front of you (0808 802 6869)
  • Have The Lullaby Trust’s Safer Sleep advice in front of you
  • Use everyday language and no jargon

Finally, good luck and thank you for helping to promote the Lullaby Trust!