Although she has sadly passed away, Gladys will be helping to save hundreds of babies’ lives for decades to come through the gift that she recently left us in her Will. She lived on the Isle of Wight and The Lullaby Trust meant a huge amount to her.

By making The Lullaby Trust a part of her legacy, she provided life-saving safer sleep training to healthcare and early years professionals who work with families on the Isle of Wight. This included midwives, health visitors, nursery workers and other healthcare professionals that signed up because Gladys’ gift enabled us to reach them.

Because of Gladys, we were able to:

  • make the training as accessible as possible by delivering both our pre-recorded and live, interactive training sessions
  • provide detailed feedback and discussion, and award safer sleep certificates to the professionals she’d helped us to train
  • send each trainee a box of safer sleep leaflets to hand out to every family they work with.

The health professionals that Gladys has helped us to train will be able to support parents and carers in sleeping their baby safely, for as long as they practice. Because of Gladys, we will be able to help save hundreds of babies’ lives on the Isle of Wight. Her legacy is only just beginning; it will continue to prevent SIDS on the island far into the future.

Gifts in Wills like Gladys’ are vital in helping us to build a future in which no more babies die suddenly and unexpectedly, and all families have access to free, life-saving safer sleep advice.

Click here if you would like to create a legacy like Gladys’ by leaving us a gift in your Will.