Donate a special day

Hundreds of Lullaby Trust supporters have already donated their birthdays by asking for donations for our work from friends and family rather than presents. If you’ve got a special day coming up, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding, you can donate your day either by asking for donations from others or by simply donating the cost of a celebratory event.

If you choose to ask for donations from others you can do this really easily online by setting up a Facebook fundraiser or a Just Giving page.

Alternatively, you or your donors can donate directly on our website but don’t forget to ask them to mention your name when they donate so that we can match up all the donations to you.

Donate your day now

Donate the costs of a regular day

If you don’t have a special occasion coming up, you can donate a regular day!  You could donate the cost of

  • a coffee – £2.10 could pay for a family to receive a copy of our ‘Safer Sleep for Babies Guide for Parents’
  • a train ticket – £7.50 could pay for a support package to be sent to three bereaved families
  • a cinema ticket –  £14 could cover the cost of 200 copies of our ‘Product Guide for Parents’
  • a meal out  –  £29 could pay for our bereavement helpline to provide advice and support to two first-time callers
  • a gym membership  – £41 could pay to train a health professional in safer sleep advice

Donate your day now