Louis’ death was a huge shock. One minute I was a mum, the next I wasn’t. Louis’ death was my first experience of dealing with grief and I kept asking, why my baby? I turned to The Lullaby Trust to speak to other bereaved parents and I found it invaluable to be able to talk to someone-it made me feel less isolated. My volunteer Befriender also offered me hope for the future.

Sarah now volunteers as a Befriender herself with The Lullaby Trust, providing similar support to bereaved families. Sarah says, “I wanted to give something back so I now volunteer as a Befriender for The Lullaby Trust and work on the Helpline, offering advice and support to anyone going through the sudden and unexpected loss of their baby. I have to put my own experience aside and concentrate on somebody else’s situation. Helping other families is so worthwhile and it makes me think that Louis’ death wasn’t in vain. I still think about my son Louis every day.