Our second child, Krishan Kantaria was born on 14 July, 2011. He died on 17 August, a few weeks later. In one moment, our world came crashing down. I did not access the services of The Lullaby Trust which I was vaguely aware of – not wanting to think about SIDS, or engage on the topic – until I became pregnant with our third child.

My wonderful, wonderful consultant and midwife team made me aware of the CONI Scheme. This became a lifeline for me. As I neared the end of my pregnancy, the CONI Scheme offered me and my family first aid training in our home and provided an Apnoea monitor for our baby to monitor his breathing as they do in hospitals. A sophisticated piece of equipment which gave me great comfort in the early months.

A midwife came to see me and our baby at home so I didn’t have to take baby out – and she was hugely supportive – practically and also emotionally. I had such a positive experience and was so grateful I wanted to find a way to support The Lullaby Trust. As well as our own fundraising, I felt being a Befriender would enable me to support the Trust’s great work, and other women who had experienced the same life altering circumstances as I had. I have found the experience a great privilege and am very grateful to have this opportunity.