Maria recently completed her 100 miles running challenge, in memory of her son Cole and raised over £1,300 for The Lullaby Trust. Here, she shares her story:

“When I lost my son, Cole, in 2015 The Lullaby Trust were there to support me. At first, I felt as though no one could fully understand my loss and I wondered how life could just go on for everyone else whilst my world seemed to have stopped turning. I contacted the trust and they were able to pair me up with a volunteer who had lost her baby to SIDS like me. I could call her when I felt the need to talk and she would listen with an understanding ear and no judgement. Finally I felt that someone understood my pain, loss, confusion and anger. If it wasn’t for the charity being able to provide this service, I don’t know how I would have coped. Although I don’t often feel the need to talk to her now, I will never forget the impact she had on my life. 

In time, I felt strong enough to try for my rainbow baby, Cade. The Lullaby Trust were there for me again- as my anxiety about the possibility of losing a second child was sometimes overwhelming. They were able to loan me an apnoea alarm and helped me to ensure that safe sleeping routines were in place. Although I still had wobbly days, I knew that there was someone on the other end of the phone to talk to who had gone on to have more children too after suffering a loss.

It’s so important for the Lullaby Trust to be supported in order for them to continue to help people like me, and I know that the coronavirus pandemic must have prevented the usual fundraising events taking place that would have benefited the charity. That’s why I decided to run my 100 miles – in memory of my son Cole and to support the trust to help others. My Year 3 class even got in on the action too and ran the last km round the school field with me.”