We run a private and confidential service. This means that whatever you say stays between you and us.

We would only need to say or do something, external to the Lullaby Trust, if:

  • You ask us to
  • If a child is at risk of harm or being harmed
  • We believe your life or someone else’s is in immediate danger
  • You are being hurt by someone in a position of trust
  • You tell us that you are seriously harming another person

We are here to listen and support you and will only tell someone (such as social services or police) if we feel it’s an emergency or safeguarding issue. We will usually talk to you about this first, giving you as much control as possible, however this may not always be possible if someone is in immediate danger.

We will keep a short record of your call on our system, so that we can get a clearer picture of all the calls that we receive. We keep a record of your name, contact details and brief notes on your call and the outcome. We hold this information securely in a database, and keep any paper records for 10 years.

We may share information with our funders about the types of calls we receive, but the information is anonymised and we would not share any information that could identify you or your baby who died. This lets us access funds that keep the helpline open and able to take calls.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 0808 802 6869 or info@lullabytrust.org.uk.