Listening to podcasts might help us feel less alone, provide us with inspiration, or give us a sense of what we might expect in the weeks, months and years ahead.

We have compiled a list of podcasts which you might find helpful. As everyone’s bereavement is unique, some of the podcasts may feel more relevant to you, whilst others are more general. Please take from this list the elements which feel supportive to you, and if you have found something helpful that has not been included on the list, please do let the support team know

Baby/Child/Pregnancy Loss

The Worst Girl Gang Ever: The Podcast Subscribe to our podcast series to get a weekly dose of us in your ear holes. We’ll be interviewing those who have gone through a miscarriage, specialists and other interesting folk!

Guys and Grief podcast is geared toward fathers that have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

The Other Mothers podcast is hosted by friends Elle, Caro and Jen who speak candidly about their experiences of baby loss and invite guests to share their stories too.

Voices of Baby Loss podcast, developed by Sands, explores the impact of pregnancy and baby loss, gives you a chance to hear about people’s personal experiences, and learn more about the work being done to support bereaved families and save babies’ lives.

Love, Life and Loss: For far too long Baby loss has been a taboo subject that most people feel uncomfortable to talk about, but not us! Please join us while we talk about our Love, Life and Loss. Help break the silence around baby loss at all stages. Listen while we share our stories and encourage others to do the same. We try to look at all aspects of baby loss, covering as many topics as we can. There is laughter and tears throughout as we celebrate our children and tell the world about them. The hope is we can all learn and heal together!

Life after Babyloss David and Siobhan Monteith explore Life after Babyloss after the death of their daughter in 2014.

Jenni Thomas talks about child bereavement: Jenni Thomas OBE is widely recognised in the UK as a leading authority in grief support and education in relation to a child’s death and a child being bereaved. Her podcast covers many topics related to child bereavement.

Grief in Common is a podcast run by the Winston’s Wish Youth Team. The topics of conversation aim to provide comfort and make a difference to other young grieving people over the age of 13. We hope to give listeners the confidence to talk about their own grief journey.

General Grief

Griefcast: Funny People Talking About Death: Griefcast is a podcast that examines the human experience of grief and death – but with comedians, so it’s cheerier than it sounds.

Shapes of Grief is brought to you by Liz Gleeson, an Irish grief therapist. Liz hosts conversations with people about their experience of loss and grief in their lives. Through the recounting of our grief stories, integration can begin to happen, both for the teller and the listener. Everyone has a story of loss and everyone’s story offers hope and inspiration to other grievers. Sharing these stories with each other can go a long way in normalising this human experience.

Parenthood – Some Episodes May Touch on Grief

The full range of Dope Black podcasts: Dads, men, women, mums, disabled, queers