The Lullaby Trust has released its guidance for media reporting on sudden infant deaths.

The guide has been produced for journalists and editors as a reference point when writing about sudden infant death. The aim is to support the media and help them write about sudden infant death in a sensitive and accurate manner.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Definition of SUDI and SIDS
  • What happens when a baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Editor’s Code of Practice
  • Reporting tips

The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support to parents whose babies have died suddenly and unexpectedly, and educate parents and health professionals on the safer sleep practices that can reduce the risk of sudden infant death occurring.

Francine Bates, Chief Executive of The Lullaby Trust says: ‘The sudden death of any baby is a tragic and rare event which naturally attracts media coverage. But when covering these harrowing events, it is important for journalists to be mindful of the need for accuracy and the impact reporting has on bereaved families.’

Antoinette Sandbach, MP for Eddisbury  says of the guidance: ‘As a parent and MP whose own bereavement was covered by the UK media, I know all too well the impact the media can have on a family who have lost their baby to sudden infant death. I am proud to see The Lullaby Trust has produced guidance to help journalists tackle this difficult subject and I hope it will lead to a positive change in the way the media reports on infant deaths.’

The Lullaby Trust’s Guidance for media reporting on sudden infant deaths can be downloaded for free at