Emily was born on 5 Oct 1987, on her sister’s fourth birthday, making our family complete. However, tragedy struck and we lost Emily to SIDS at Christmas that year aged just 11 weeks.

We were put in touch with FSID (now The Lullaby Trust) straight away and I was appointed a Befriender through them.

Sophie and Emily were put to sleep on their tummy as was taught to parents at that time. By the time we had Helen some 18 months later, the advice changed and all parents were advised to sleep their baby on their back.

I became a befriender for The Lullaby Trust many years ago and their support has been amazing, I have given talks showing how to sleep the baby on its back and follow The Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep guidelines. I do this to help others and prevent such tragedies happening to other families, and somehow feel closer to Emily through it all.

I now have my beautiful first grandchild, Charlotte, and have found the experience surprisingly easy. The only wobble I had was when Charlotte was the age we lost Emily. My daughter always follows the safer sleep advice, placing Charlotte on her back with her feet at the foot of the bed with no toys or extra blankets.