Car seats are essential for safety when travelling but we believe that parents should be given information on the potential health risks associated with driving long distances when they purchase car seats. Research funded by The Lullaby Trust to test the cardiorespiratory effect on infants travelling in car seats in moving vehicles found that both term and pre-term infants showed signs of potentially adverse cardiorespiratory effects when seated in an upright position at 40°.

We advise parents that they should avoid travelling in cars with pre-term and very young babies for long distances. On longer journeys give your baby regular breaks and if possible have an adult sit with the baby in the back of the car, or use a mirror so you are able to keep an eye on them. If a baby changes its position and slumps forward, then parents should immediately stop and take the baby out of the car seat. We advise that babies should be taken out of the car seat when not travelling and they should not sleep in a car seat for long periods of time.

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