Together Naturalmat Baby and The Lullaby Trust have committed to helping parents and care-givers provide the safest possible start for babies through promoting The Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep advice and Naturalmat Baby’s range of naturally breathable, organic mattresses and mattress protectors.

As part of the collaboration, Naturalmat Baby will be donating 120 of its popular Coco Mat mattresses to Little Village, a London-based network of baby banks. Little Village supports families with babies and children under five, living in poverty across London. The charity runs baby banks providing pre-loved clothes and equipment to families in need. The Lullaby Trust and Little Village are working together and plan to include safer sleep information in each donation pack to ensure all families have access to their guidelines.

Naturalmat Baby was created in 2000 when founder Mark Tremlett was expecting his first child with his wife Alice. Having recently launched Naturalmat to provide natural fibre mattresses for boats and yachts, Mark and his wife were dismayed to discover that there were only synthetic options available for babies. Together with co-founder Peter Tindall, they set out to create an entirely natural alternative for their baby and in doing so, became the first company to make a baby mattress that met all British Standards without the use of any kind of glues, chemical fire retardants or synthetics.

For over 20 years Naturalmat Baby has made 100% natural, organic and chemical-free baby mattresses by hand from their Devon workshop. Using the same ethos and materials as the adult range, every ingredient used in a Naturalmat Baby mattress and bedding comes from a natural, renewable source, including organic wool sheared from sheep grazing in fields just yards from Naturalmat Baby’s Devon factory.

Naturalmat Baby’s popular Coco Mat features a thick layer of organic coir for the core made from organic coconut husk fibres bound with rubber, making a breathable, supportive, durable, and infinitely renewable material. The mattresses are padded top and bottom with locally sourced organic wool to create firm, flat and breathable sleep surface.

With naturally hypoallergenic properties, the Coco Mat is the go-to choice for children suffering from allergies, or conditions such as eczema and asthma. Its unique lambswool is bathed in a mixture made from essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, making it bed-bug and dust-mite resistant.

Mark Tremlett, founder of Naturalmat Baby says, ‘Safer, healthier and better sleep for babies and children was why we created Naturalmat Baby overtwenty years ago, and so we’re delighted to be partnering with The Lullaby Trust, whose purpose and mission are so aligned with ours. They have done an incredible job of increasing awareness in SIDS over the last 50 years and we’re honoured to support such a well-respected and impactful charity.’

Mark continues, ‘It’s all too easy to take a good night’s sleep for granted but we mustn’t forget thatmany people can’t afford a mattress for their baby, let alone a natural one. So, as part of the partnership,we’ll be donating 120 of our Coco Mat mattresses to Little Village. One of our goals as a business is to make healthy sleep accessible to all, a desire shared by The Lullaby Trust, and so we hope this donation will give many babies the best possible start in life.’

Together, Naturalmat Baby and The Lullaby Trust are committed to making a continued difference in the lives of parents, caregivers and infants in the UK, ensuring equal access to healthy, safer sleep and vital information. For 50 years, The Lullaby Trust has been an invaluable resource for families, providing practical and emotional support, as well as facilitating research to help identify why babies die suddenly and unexpectedly and how those deaths could be prevented. Their work has made a significant contribution to reducing SIDS by more than 80%.

Jenny Ward, CEO of The Lullaby Trust adds, ‘We are delighted to be working with Naturalmat Baby, a company that puts safety first and is dedicated to promoting safer sleep for all babies. Safer sleep saves babies’ lives and it’s vital that all babies have a firm, flat and waterproof mattress to sleep on. However, the rising cost of living has left many families struggling to afford essential products like baby mattresses. Naturalmat Baby’s generous donation to Little Village will help provide 120 vulnerable families across London with a safe space for their baby to sleep.’

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