Katy received support from The Lullaby Trust after her baby died of SIDS

Following Ethan’s death I talked to a lot of people who had experienced the loss of a baby including families local to me and to my Lullaby Trust Befriender.

I learned about the CONI programme from The Lullaby Trust shortly before my daughter Imogen was born in May 2014. I was so worried about the same thing happening to Imogen. I knew we couldn’t go through the same experience again. I asked my midwife and health visitor about CONI and was then placed on the programme.

On CONI I benefited a lot from access to the breathing monitor, regular checks from the health visitor and three monthly paediatric reviews.

The Lullaby Trust also provided us with lots of safer sleep information. We received advice on how to position our baby in the cot to advice on temperature, bedding, clothing, car seats and keeping a clear cot. As a parent, receiving this advice made us feel more confident and in control.

I went back on CONI a second time after the birth of my second son Rory in 2018. We didn’t feel we needed the monitor this time around, but still made use of all The Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep booklets.

It can be difficult to know what’s right for your baby when the advice has changed from previous generations.  Older relatives and friends can give out different advice to what is now considered safe. Safer sleep advice is very valuable and all new parents should have access to this advice so they can make informed decisions for their babies. The Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep advice is easy to follow and really accessible.

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