My name is Chris. Following the incredible help and support we received from the Trust when our Granddaughter, Rose, died at 7 weeks old in 2011, my wife and I felt that we really wanted to give ‘something back’. In 2017 we became Befrienders. With the emphasis on working together with grandparents.

This has been a challenging experience but never the less fulfilling. As we know, men are much more reluctant to seek help, but once that initial contact is made, the floodgates can open up! I would encourage those men out there who perhaps are thinking about Befriending to come forward and chat about it, you’ve got nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain!!

During the year it has been my privilege to be in conversation with a Grandfather. We shared so much, the ups and downs of the effect of losing a grandchild and the effect it has on those closely involved and the wider family circle. Because of course we had so much in common, dealing not only with the loss of a grandchild but also dealing with our child’s grief. I do hope that my personal experience has helped me to deal with Befriendees with empathy and compassion.

If you have experienced infant loss and want to share your story, click here.