Sweet Dreamers

The Lullaby Trust is incredibly proud to work with Sweet Dreamers on their fabulous Misty the Smart Cloud. Established in 2008, Sweet Dreamers is a multi-award-winning family run brand committed to promoting safer sleep for all babies. They continued this mission when they unveiled the award-winning Misty the Smart Cloud last year; a 4 in 1 multifunctional nursery thermometer which cleverly links to both an app and Amazon Alexa. Misty’s room thermometer helps to ensure parents and carers have the perfect ideal room environment for safer sleep. 

“We are honestly so proud to be working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust on our clever and super cute Misty! We have always been firm believers in the importance of a good night’s sleep and determined to champion safer sleep, making this collaboration extremely important to us. When designing Misty, our priority was to create a product that would help parents keep their little ones as safe as possible when sleeping – giving them the important information at the touch of a button. We really are delighted the Lullaby Trust have partnered with us on the product.” Lynda Harding, Founder  and Creator of Sweet Dreamers

Take a look at Sweet Dreamer’s Misty the Cloud, here.  


The Lullaby Trust is proud to work with the original creators of 100% natural and organic fibre baby mattresses, Naturalmat Baby. 

Naturalmat Baby was created in 2000 when founder Mark Tremlett was expecting his first child with his wife Alice. For over 20 years Naturalmat Baby has made 100% natural, organic and chemical-free baby mattresses by hand from their Devon workshop. Using the same ethos and materials as the adult range, every ingredient used in a Naturalmat Baby mattress and bedding comes from a natural, renewable source, including organic wool sheared from sheep grazing in fields just yards from Naturalmat Baby’s Devon factory. 

naturalmat coco mat mattress

“Safer, healthier and better sleep for babies and children was why we created Naturalmat Baby overtwenty years ago, and so we’re delighted to be partnering with The Lullaby Trust, whose purpose and mission are so aligned with ours. They have done an incredible job of increasing awareness in SIDS over the last 50 years and we’re honoured to support such a well-respected and impactful charity. One of our goals as a business is to make healthy sleep accessible to all, a desire shared by The Lullaby Trust, and so we hope this donation will give many babies the best possible start in life.” Mark Tremlett, founder of Naturalmat Baby 

Take a look at Naturalmat Baby’s products here.