• Decorate your house or workplace (inside and out!) in yellow paper chains, balloons or bunting. Get in touch for Lullaby Trust balloons.
  • Get crafty and create some yellow items that you can sell. You could crochet yellow blankets, make yellow soaps and wax melts or paint yellow flowerpots.
  • Make a yellow feast for lunch or dinner with as many yellow foods as you can include! Bananas, sweetcorn, lemons, custard, yellow peppers…perhaps not all together though!
  • Bake something deliciously yellow like lemon drizzle cake or banana loaf and make doorstep deliveries for donations if you’re unable to sell treats in person.
  • Put together a game for people to play in return for donations – check out the sweepstake in your pack or perhaps make a list of yellow themed words for an online game of Pictionary. Don’t forget a yellow prize for the winner!


  • Whether you’re at home, at work or at school, encourage everyone you know to wear their brightest yellow clothes and accessories. Have a penalty pot for anyone who ‘forgets’ to wear yellow!
  • If you’re holding a solo Yellow Yourself day, dress up and donate via our website. Don’t forget to take a selfie and share on social media using #YellowYourself!
  • Get sponsored to wear a yellow fancy dress outfit for the day, such as a minion or banana. Alternatively, take a vote for a colleague or teacher to wear it!
  • Use the hat and other DIY props in your pack as extra yellow accessories.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could ask for sponsorship to dye your hair neon yellow or wear face paint for the day!


  • Set yourself a yellow challenge! You could get sponsored to run, swim or cycle a certain distance dressed in yellow fancy dress.
  • Hold the Big Yellow Quiz in your pack, either virtually or in person if possible, and ask for donations to enter. You could add a music round and play intros of famous songs such as Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and Yellow by Coldplay.
  • Fill a jar with yellow sweets, such as lemon bon bons, and ask for a donation for a guess – the winner gets the sweets.
  • Use the sweepstake in your pack to fire up some friendly competition among colleagues. Ask for a donation in return for half of the pot for the winner… and all of the glory!
  • Host a virtual yellow coffee morning with friends using a video calling platform such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Set up a Just Giving page or Facebook Fundraiser to collect donations and use our special Yellow Yourself background on your screen.
  • Make it a party! Even if it’s just you or a few people, decorate your house or workplace in yellow paper chains, balloons or bunting, put on a playlist of yellow themed songs and mix up a yellow cocktail (or mocktail!).