The Lullaby Trust has a wealth of handy tips and useful advice to help you maximise your fundraising:

Get in touch with us

The fundraising team at The Lullaby Trust are here to support you every step of the way in planning your event, so get in touch! We have free fundraising materials such as stickers and posters as well as lots of friendly staff on hand to offer any advice you may need. – 020 7802 3201

Choose something you feel passionately about

The amazing thing about fundraising is that you can turn absolutely anything you feel passionately about into a fundraising opportunity! Think about the things that you can the people around you enjoy, and go from there.

This is the same for the charity, ensure that your motivations for hosting the event are known and inform people as to why you are choosing to support The Lullaby Trust.

Plan well in advance

Careful planning is the key to a successful event. Check your calendar to avoid any clashes, such as a friend’s birthday or an important sporting event.

Start simple; make a checklist at the beginning stages of planning your event and use this as a guide to know what exactly needs to be done at each stage. Remember, be realistic and cost your event carefully. Once you’ve gotten in to the swing of things, you can start to think about ways to make your event even more exciting and add to it.

Shout about it

Advertising and marketing your event can be the key to its success. Use social media as a tool to spread the word. Facebook and Twitter can help you share your fundraising story with friends, family, classmates and colleagues.

Get some support

Contact local business, shops, pubs and restaurants to see if they can help you out. For example, they could donate raffle prizes, cover the costs of your printing or even publicise your event on their shop window!

Fundraise Online

Set up an online fundraising page and let the internet do the hard work!  Use Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving to set up your own sponsorship or donations page to collect donations online from friends and family all over the world.

Get the most from donations

Remind everyone who makes a donation and pays UK tax to tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form and online fundraising page. This means we’ll be able to claim an extra 28p on every pound raised at no extra cost to you or the person making the donation!

Thank Everyone

Make contact with all donors as well as those who attended your event let them know how much you have raised and how much you have appreciated their support.

Getting your money in

If you have collected cash offline, you can simply bank in the money in your own account, and send us in a cheque made payable to the Lullaby Trust with your name and address so we can thank you for your great effort!