Fundraising at university is a fantastic experience, allowing you to meet new people, have a great time and work together on something that you all feel passionately about.

If you are interested in fundraising at university, be it though a RAG group, fundraising society or just a group of friends, do get in contact with our fundraising team at who will be delighted to chat through ideas, logistics, and ways we can support you.

Our favourite university fundraising ideas…

Plan something you feel passionately about

If you and your friends are doing something you feel passionately about and are excited for, your supporters will pick up on this and be far more generous. Don’t force yourselves to do anything you don’t want to, and equally don’t be afraid to try out new, different ideas!

Get lots of people involved

Fundraising and event management is considerably easier when there’s a team of you behind the scenes. Ask around and see who’s available to help, then when you’ve got a group together, divvy up the tasks, making sure you’re playing to everyone’s natural strengths.

Use who you know

What societies, sports or other groups do you and your friends belong to? Who do you have access to through the subjects you study? Have a think about all the groups you can tell about your fundraising, and try to target those you think will be most interested. For example, if you’re planning on a sports tournament, make sure to let all the sports teams know and advertise at the sports facilities on your campus!

Use the facilities available to you

Universities will have a huge range of facilities that can help you with your fundraising. If in doubt, pop in to your students’ union about your idea and what they can do to support you. Do you have a RAG group at your university? Part of their remit is to support students organising their own fundraising events, so be sure to make contact to see what advice and support they have available for you too.

Play on your university’s natural competitiveness

One of the best ways to maximise fundraising at university is to make it competitive! A bit of friendly competition encourages everyone, so have a think about where the competition already lies at your university and tap into that. For example, do your halls of residence compete against one another? Are there sports team rivalries? Could you do something between different subject areas?

Don’t be afraid to think big… or small!

If you’ve got a big idea but are worried about whether you can pull it off, have a think about exactly what you’ll need and what about it is making you concerned. We’re here to help, as are your student union and RAG group, so can advise you the best ways to ensure you pull off your event successfully.

Equally, if you don’t feel ready to host something big, that’s fine too! Often the simplest of ideas are very successful – when have you ever seen a cake sale not do well! It’s fine to start small and build your way up to bigger events, and doing so will boost your confidence and help to ensure you are prepared for them.