Whether you’re a pupil, parent or teacher, organising to fundraise for The Lullaby Trust at your school couldn’t be simpler. We have a fundraising pack designed just for schools that is bursting with handy tips and useful advice to help you make the most of your school fundraising. To have this sent to you please email fundraising@lullabytrust.org.uk.

Below are just a few of our favourite school fundraising ideas. 

Bake it for Babies

Host a fabulous bake sale fundraising day at your school and raise some dough for The Lullaby Trust. Find out more about Bake it for Babies today.

Dress up days

Whether it’s pyjamas or superheroes, dress up days (or ‘Mufti Days’ are easy to organise and don’t take any time out of the busy school day. If every student and staff member pays just £1 to participate, you’ll find you’ve raised a lot of money, very quickly!

Your school’s got talent

Showcase your school’s talent with an end of term talent show. You decide who gets to be Simon Cowell! Charge family and friends to come and watch the finale where the winner is crowned.


From silences to spell-athons, sponsored events are a versatile and effective way to raise money whilst having fun. Perhaps classes could go up against each other to encourage some friendly competition in the name of charity?

Carol service

From Christmas fetes to nativity plays, make The Lullaby Trust the official charity of your school’s seasonal celebrations.

Teachers versus pupils

Who would win at your school?! Whether it’s a football tournament or a bake off, battle it out in aid of The Lullaby Trust.