Nothing could be simpler than organising a fundraising event from the comfort of your own home! It may be your gift of baking that entices your loved ones to your door or that all important midweek coffee morning, giving you a chance to catch up with friends! Whatever you want to do, we are here to support you all the way and help you maximise your fundraising.

Below are just a few of our favourite fundraising ideas. 

Summer Fundraising

Summer is the time for barbecues, picnics and all sorts of fun outdoor activities! Take advantage of the British summertime and turn the good feeling into some amazing fundraising activities!

  • Host a BBQ for friends and family, and ask everyone to pay to join you. Keep costs down by asking everyone to bring one food item with them too, so even more can be raised for The Lullaby Trust.
  • Get a sheet and a projector and host an outdoor film screening one evening from the comfort of your own garden! Ask everyone to pay to enter, and you could even sell popcorn, soft drinks and sweets on the night for the real movie experience.
  • Family Fun Days are an amazing way to bring the community together, raise funds and have an amazing time doing so. For a smaller affair this can be done from your home, but if you want to make it bigger then find a venue with plenty of space and start planning raffles, competitions, penalty shoot-outs, snacks, drinks and much more to get everyone donating to The Lullaby Trust!

Easter Fundraising

Easter is a great time to hold some simple and fun events in support of The Lullaby Trust. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Organise an Easter egg hunt for the kids and ask everyone taking part to make a donation to the Lullaby Trust
  • Hold an egg decorating contest with family and friends and ask everyone taking part to make a donation. Be sure to have a few prizes for the best eggs!
  • Guess the number of Easter eggs in a jar. This is a very simple way to fundraise both at home and at work, where you can invite friends and family to guess the number of mini-eggs in the jar for a small donation. The person who guesses closest to the actual number wins the goodies.

Christmas Fundraising

Christmas is the season for giving, so take advantage of the mood and encourage friends, family and colleagues to support your fundraising.

  • Donate the money you would have spent on Christmas cards to The Lullaby Trust. This has the additional benefit of being great for the environment and is a good way to let people know about The Lullaby Trust as you explain why you’re doing this.
  • Hold a Secret Santa gift swap, where everyone has to pay to participate and secretly buy a present for another member of the group. Alternatively, lower the price of the gifts and donate the difference to The Lullaby Trust.
  • Christmas is a time for youngsters, so why not ask friends and family to collect photos of themselves as babies and charge people to see who’s who!
  • Do you know you can sell items on eBay and choose for the profits to come to The Lullaby Trust. If you’ve ended up with any gifts you don’t want, list them on eBay and choose how much of the income comes directly to the charity.

Wine and Cheese Evening

Host a wine, cheese or alternative tasting evening. If you are hosting a wine evening, invite an expert or local wine dealer to bring along some wine and donate some of the proceeds of sales to The Lullaby Trust. If you’re feeling brave, why not host a dine-at-mine event and ask everyone to donate how much they feel the meal was worth.

Games night

Everyone likes a good games night and this is the perfect fundraising event to bring all the family together!  Whether it’s a classic board game night or a competitive games console night, there’ll be something for everyone. Whatever you decide, charge each team or individual an entry fee for participating, and let the games begin! Make sure you have a prize ready for the grand champion!