We’re getting ready for Yellow Yourself 2018! Watch this space for more details.

How to Yellow Yourself

1. Sign up & shout about it

Sign up for your FREE downloadable pack which contains all the yellowness you need to make your day a success. Let everyone know about Yellow Yourself Day!

2. #yellowyourself

When the big day arrives, don a wig, sport some shades or pull up your socks; whatever you wear, it has to be yellow!

There are some fantastic yellow props in your pack too. Don’t forget to take photos and share the yellow love on social media (using #yellowyourself).

3. Send in the money

Collect a donation (we suggest £2) from everyone who’s taken part and help us save babies’ lives. You can use the fundraising ideas in your pack to make the event bigger, raise more and make even more of a difference.