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Impressing the Press

Publicising your event in local media is a great way to get extra support, while also raising awareness of Lullaby Trust research and services. It's easy and anyone can do it!

The Big Idea: How the GAPS project was born and what it means for the future

The GAPS project brought together researchers, bereaved parents and policy makers from around the world to define which areas of SUDI research should be prioritised. Here Dr Alexis Willett, who conceived the project, discusses the process and how she hopes it will support the efforts to reduce the rate of sudden infant death worldwide.

Grieving and common feelings

When someone we love dies, we experience overwhelming feelings of loss and sorrow, which we call grief. When a child dies, it is especially devastating, and is often said to be the most painful experience anyone can go through.

Volunteer at an event

From cheering on runners to marshaling walks, volunteers are crucial to making our events a success

Supporter promise

Without you, we would simply not exist. That is why your trust is vital to us and why we make these promises to you.

Standards and baby products

Sarra Cheyne of British Standards Institution (BSI) explains what standards mean and what parents should look for

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