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Evelyn’s story

Evelyn’s daughter Carly died of SIDS in 1990. This is their story:

Katy received support from The Lullaby Trust after her baby died of SIDS

Katy’s story

Bereaved mum Katy's first son Ethan died in 2013. After his death she received support from The Lullaby Trust's CONI programme.

Megan's son Isaac passed away of SIDS

Megan’s story

Megan shares the story of her son Isaac who passed away of SIDS

Wings of Love

In 2019 The Lullaby Trust launched the Wings of Love project to commemorate all the babies and young children who have died in the UK.

Beth’s Story

Beth and Terry’s daughter Jassy died in 2013. Beth tells us the story of what happened.

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Bereavement support:
0808 802 6868
Information & advice:
0808 802 6869