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Dear Jen,
We are very sorry that you didn’t receive a response. We have been having some ‘teething’ problems with the forum following our website redesign. I hope you got in touch in another way and got an answer to your query. If not you can email us at info@lullabytrust.org.uk for an individual response.

It is normal for babies of this age to roll on to their front or side as they are starting to find their own sleeping position. Once they can roll form back to front and back again they can be left to find their own sleeping position.

The first few times they roll onto their tummy, you might like to gently turn them back, but do not feel you have to get up all night to check.

Continue to put her down to sleep on her back for every nap and sleep and if she then turns over as long as her airway is clear she can be left to sleep in that position.If her face is turned down you can gently tilt her head to the side until she learns to do this for herself.

During the day give her plenty of supervised ‘tummy time’ to develop her neck muscles and so she can learn to roll both ways.

You can see a face sheet about this topic here: https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/fact-sheet-back-to-sleep.pdf

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