Run a local campaign

Running a Safer Sleep Week campaign in your area is an effective way to raise awareness of SIDS and equip parents with information on how they can reduce the risk. Set up a Safer Sleep Week 2018 committee and plan your activities now! We have a range of resources to help you with your campaign including display packs and free Safer Sleep Week cards and publications, which are available to order from our shop.

Spread the word

The aim of Safer Sleep Week is to reach as many parents as possible with our safer sleep advice but we need your help! Simply sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter using our hashtag#safersleepweek and sharing our free online Safer Sleep resources can help us to achieve this. During last year’s campaign we reached millions of people on social media alone. Ask your local authority to join the campaign and order our display pack and free Safer Sleep Week leaflets for new parents and anyone involved in the care of a baby.

Example tweets:

  • It’s #SaferSleepWeek! Help save babies lives by sharing the @LullabyTrust evidence-based safer sleep advice
  • Keep it simple, keep it safe. All your baby needs for a safer sleep is a cot or Moses basket, firm, flat, waterproof mattress, and a blanket and sheets or baby sleep bag #SaferSleepWeek
  • Following safer sleep advice reduces the risk of sudden infant death. Support @LullabyTrust #SaferSleepWeek and help spread safer sleep awareness to more families


To raise money to help us continue our vital work raising awareness of safer sleep and supporting bereaved families here are a few ideas:

Put out a penny pot
Use your Safer Sleep Week materials to create a display of our important advice and pop your collection box nearby so that passers-by can donate easily.

Hold a bake sale or coffee morning
Organising a bake sale or coffee morning in your local community or workplace is easy on the pocket, and fun to do. With nothing more than small team of people, dedication and some planning and baking, you can have a successful event of your own! When you are ready to pay in your funds please visit:

Text to donate
Share our Text to donate code which is: ‘Text SSWE00 £5 to 70070’ with all your friends, family and those in your local community. Every donation will go towards our Safer Sleek Week campaign.

Safer Sleep Week takes place 12th- 18th March 2018.

Please register your interest in fundraising for Safer Sleep Week 2018 by filling in the form below or by contacting 0207 8023210.