Moba, an innovative and family run business, has been an official supporter of The Lullaby Trust since 2016. As well as generously donating funds from the sale of their products, Moba make a key contribution to our work to raise awareness about safer sleep for babies.

Moba moses baskets offer a stylish and safety conscious option for new parents that perfectly meet The Lullaby Trust guidelines on safer sleep for babies. The Moba was designed with safety in mind, which is why The Lullaby Trust is delighted to be working with a responsible brand that is dedicated to helping parents create a safer sleep environment for their baby.

The Moba is light and portable, providing parents with safer sleep option when away from home visiting relatives or on holiday. Its portability also make it a great option for daytime naps as it can easily be moved from room to room, allowing parents to keep an eye on their baby while they sleep during the day (do not move / pick-up a Moba, or any Moses basket while your baby is inside it for safety reasons, visit our advice page for more information about sharing a room with your baby).

For  evidence-based advice about cribs and Moses baskets, visit our safer sleep advice page or download our product guide for help choosing products for your baby.

We look forward to continuing to work with the team at Moba to achieve our shared mission of helping parents create a safer sleep environment for their baby.

To find out more about Moba’s contemporary products and their mission to ‘brighten up nurseries across the globe’, follow the link below to visit their site.