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When a baby dies

We hope that this page can help explain what you might experience now and in the future, in terms of practicalities

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Supporting brothers and sisters

It is common for parents to feel worried about how any other children will be affected by their sibling’s death. You may be concerned about the difficult task of discussing and explaining the death, especially when you don’t have a reason for how or why it happened.

Grieving and common feelings

When someone we love dies, we experience overwhelming feelings of loss and sorrow, which we call grief. When a child dies, it is especially devastating, and is often said to be the most painful experience anyone can go through.

If a child dies in your care

It is a terrible shock if someone else’s baby dies in your care, whether in your nursery, in foster care or while you were caring for the baby in the parents’ home.

How to support a loved one

Bereaved families share examples of something that someone said or did that helped them after their baby died

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